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Birthday Party Packages

It can be difficult to choose a party entertainer, as there are lots to choose from. David Oakley has had many years of experience and knows what entertains children. If you book David, you will not be disappointed. Take a look at the comments from satisfied customers.
David offers several packages:

Option 1

A 45 minute show, suitable for 3 year olds and upwards. This is a fun packed show with plenty for all the children to take part in, i.e. shouting out the magic word, lots of fun, laughter and audience participation. The birthday child will be the STAR of the show, they would assist David in performing a couple of tricks and make for themselves, by magic, a birthday card and present. They will also get a certificate for helping, their own magic wand and two balloon animals, a small one that David will make in the show and a large one.

Two other children will help and they too receive a certificate and balloon animal. All the children at the party, receive a colouring picture to take home with them as a memento of the magic show.

The show features 'Dennis the Magical Dog' who finishes the show off with lots of laughter, as he performs a trick of his own.

Option 2

A 1 hour show, suitable for 5 year olds and upwards. This is also a fun packed show, as above, but with some extra amazing magic.

Option 3

Stress free full party. Why not just provide the party food and let David do the rest. Two hours of fun, with games, dancing, balloon modelling and an amazing magic show. David would also lead the children in singing Happy Birthday to the birthday child.

The full party would run like this:- Music would be playing as the children arrive, David would be making some balloon animals for the children to win. Once all the children have arrived, it's time to sit them down to watch the magic show. (this is around 45 minutes). It's then party food time and the children would follow the birthday child and dance off to the table.
After the food, it's time to do the birthday cake and the children can sing happy birthday. It's then into the games section. David will do some non elimination games, ie musical statues, pass the bucket (it's a version of pass the parcel) A fishing game and corners. Prizes are, sweets, balloon models and a couple of magic tricks. Every child at the party would get a balloon flying mouse and a colouring sheet to take home.

David can also supply quality party bags, Magic Wands (with instructions for 4 tricks with the wands) and balloon animals, if required. If you would like any of these items, please let me know.
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